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Dulwich Ring

The Dulwich Ring is a perfect example of our unique yet timeless craftsmanship. A dazzling Radiant diamond is at the center of this ring, complimented by four Marquise cut diamonds on each side. Simply stunning.

Dulwich Ring

  • Priced from €3500, Subject to Diamond Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat.*

    *All diamonds have their gemological traits, which are what make each one so unique. The price of the stone will vary based on the carat weight, the clarity, cut, and the color (otherwise known as the 4 C's).

    Carolina Chabert will work with you to find the perfect diamond that matches both your specifications and your budget.


    Available in:

    • 14ct & 18ct White Gold
    • 14ct & 18ct Yellow Gold
    • 14ct & 18ct Rose Gold
    • Platinum
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