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Double Sided Alphabet Necklace in Yellow Gold

Introducing the exquisite 9ct Yellow Gold necklace, a true masterpiece of elegance and sophistication. This enchanting pendant features a captivating Lapis Lazuli as its centerpiece, radiating a deep, mesmerizing blue hue.

Nestled within the heart of the pendant is a Gold Letter, symbolizing personalization and significance.

The allure of this necklace is further enhanced by a dazzling array of diamonds.


On the reverse side of the pendant, a stunning cornaile gem takes center stage, showcasing its rich and vibrant red tones. Complemented by a solitary diamond at its core.


What sets this pendant apart is its double-sided design, allowing you to effortlessly switch between the lapis and cornaile gems, adapting to any occasion or personal style. Whether you prefer the serene allure of the lapis or the fiery passion of the cornaile, this necklace offers versatility and a touch of whimsy.


Double Sided Alphabet Necklace in Yellow Gold

  • As per picture:

    9ct Yellow Gold Pendant and Chain , Lapis Lazuli, Cornaline, Lab Grown Diamonds

    Available in:

    • 9ct, 18ct White Gold
    • 9ct, 18ct Yellow Gold
    • 9ct, 18ct Rose Gold
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